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Título Research on technology and the teaching and learning of mathematics (v.2) Cases and perspectivesLibros / Impreso - Libros
Autor(es) Blume, Glendon W. (Editor)
Heid, Mary Kathleen (Editor)
Publicación Estados Unidos : National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. NCTM, 2008
Descripción Física 468 páginas : ilustraciones; rústica ; 23 cm.
Idioma Inglés;
ISBN 9781931576208
Clasificación(es) 510.71
Materia(s) Educación matemática; Tecnología educativa; Investigación; Enseñanza de las matemáticas; Aprendizaje de las matemáticas;
Nota(s) CONTENIDO: Part I: Cases: Research in a pioneer constructivist network-based curriculum project for children's learning of fractions / Sharon Dugdale -- The development of a dynamical geometry environment : cabri-géomètre / Colette Laborde and Jean-Marie Laborde -- What lies behind dynamic interactive geometry software? / E. Paul Goldenberg, Daniel Scher, and Nannette Feurzeig -- From network to microcomputers and fractions to functions : continuity in software research and design / Sharon Dugdale -- Linking research and software development / Julie Sarama and Douglas H. Clements -- Development of the shape makers geometry microworld : design principles and research / Michael T. Battista -- Integrating intelligent software tutors with the mathematics classroom / Steven Ritter ... [et al.] -- Research-design interactions in building function probe software / Jere Confrey and Alan Maloney -- Changing representational infrastructures changes most everything : the case of SimCalc, algebra, and calculus / Jim Kaput and Roberta Schorr -- Multiple representations and local linearity : research influences on the use of technology in calculus curriculum reform / Thomas P. Dick and Barbara S. Edwards -- Part II: Perspectives -- The research frontier : where technology interacts with the teaching and learning of data analysis and statistics / Susan N. Friel -- Keeping the faith : fidelity in technological tools for mathematics education / Thomas P. Dick -- Representations and cognitive objects in modern school geometry / Michael T. Battista -- From artifacts to instruments : a theoretical framework behind the orchestra metaphor / Paul Drijvers and Luc Trouche...
CONTINUACIÓN: Designing tasks for the codevelopment of conceptual and technical knowledge in CAS activity : an example from factoring / Carolyn Kieran and Luis Saldanha -- Teacher education : a conduit to the classroom / Patricia S. Wilson -- Perspectives on research, policy, and the use of technology in mathematics teaching and learning in the United States / Joan Ferrini-Mundy and Glenda A. Breaux -- The role of research, theory, and practice in the integration of technology in mathematics teaching and learning / Glendon W. Blume and M. Kathleen Heid.
Resumen According to NCTM's PrincipIes and Standards for School Mathematics, ''Technology is essential in teaching and learning of mathematics; it influences the mathematics that is taught and enhances students' learning." How does research inform this clarion call for technology in mathematics teaching and learning? In response to the need to craft appropriate roles for technology in school mathematics, new technological approaches have been applied to the teaching and learning of mathematics, and these approaches have been examined by researchers worldwide. The confluence of this call for integration of technology, renewed attention to research, and recent significant progress in research on technology and the teaching and learning of mathematics has resulted in the production of these two volumes, crafted to inform the field about technology-related mathematics education research. The volumes, the work of 45 authors from seven different countries and over 30 different institutions, attempt to synthesize and interpret the results of research over the past few decades on technology and-the teaching and learning of mathematics. Research on Technology and the Teaching and Learning of Mathematies: Volume 2-Cases and Perspeetíves has a dual focus. This volume features descriptive cases that provide accounts of the development of technology-intensive curricula and tools. In these cases the writers describe and analyze various roles that research played in their development work and ways in which research, curriculum development, and tool development can inform each other. Authors of these cases are experts in their fields who have conducted seminal research in coordination with the development of curriculum materials and technological tools. These thoughtful descriptions and analyses will provide documentation of how this process can and does occur. The remaining chapters in this volume address research-related issues and perspectives on the use of technology in the teaching and learning of mathematics. An initial chapter describes an emerging area: research on the teaching and learning of data analysis and statistics, particularly in the context of technology. Other perspectives chapters address issues that cut across the chapters in both volumes -issues such as the role of representation in technology-based mathematics learning, theoretical bases for the development of facility with mathematics technology, principies for tool development, the role of teacher education, and the policy implications for research on technology in the teaching and learning of mathematics. The lessons learned from the research presented in these volumes are lessons about teaching and learning that can be applied more broadly than solely in technological settings.
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