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Título La saga del narcotráfico en Cali, 1950-2018 [recurso electrónico]Tesis o Trabajo de grado / Digital PDF - Tesis o Trabajo de grado
Parte de Tesis. Univalle.Facultad de Ciencias Sociales y Económicas. Doctorado en Sociología
Autor(es) Vanegas Muñoz, Gildardo (Autor)
Valencia Gutierrez, Alberto, 1953- (Director de Tesis o Trabajo de Grado)
Publicación Colombia, 2020
Descripción Física 1 Archivo digital PDF (385 páginas)
Idioma Español;
Clasificación(es) 364.157
Materia(s) Narcotráfico; Narcotraficantes; Violencia y narcotráfico; Violencia; Cali (Valle del Cauca);
Nota(s) Tesis (Doctor en Sociología) -- Universidad del Valle. Facultad de Ciencias Sociales y Económicas, Cali, 2020 (9301)
Resumen The analysis of drug trafficking generations allows another look at violence in the city beyond the established ways of doing so, which have been encouraged by the disturbing stability of homicidal violence. Dense relationships preceding and occurring after homicides are evidenced here. Several links underlying them are considered. Actors behind material authors of the actions are recognized, and the motivations and interests determining violence are observed. The acts of drug trafficking violence involve complicated networks of actors, interests, alliances, and disputes not noticed from injured or inert bodies. Beyond its diverse expressions, illegality has been considered an uncomfortable trait, which has progressed in a necessary connection with society and the State. Illegality is part of society and is no stranger to social dynamics. The legal and illegal should not be represented as if they were two separate compartments. On the contrary, these contradictory tendencies in their interrelation generate dynamics expressed in the mostdiverse social spheres. This overlapping has negative consequences for society and the political system to the point that it can pervert its raison d¿être. However, there are also other unwanted effects of drug trafficking that could not be described as negative, which are related to social mobility that large population groups have achieved at the expense of enormous economic resources produced by this business, even the improvement of the level and school achievement of children and other relatives of the people involved in drug trafficking that thanks to the money sent them to the best schools and universities; the entry of money to the most dissimilar companies; the extension of the urbanization with the construction of complete neighborhoods, apartment buildings for the highest socioeconomic strata; the technification of agricultural and livestock activities coming to remote places, and favors productivity and labor supply in the field; the modernization processes imposed beyond the boundaries of large cities; the generation of employment in various branches of the economy; and consumption reflected in the commercial dynamics in both supply and demand. Although it is problematic, there is no barbaric document that is not a culture document. Finally, this paper proposes a series of recommendations on how to proceed in a research project involving risks. This is a review of this research experience and an effort to socialize how it was done, in the idea that some of its routes can be useful for researchers who propose similar ideas.
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