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Título Science Education Research in Latin AmericaLibros / Impreso - Libros
Autor(es) Charbel Niño, El Hani (Editor)
Fleury Mortimer, Eduardo (Editor)
Pietrocola, Mauricio (Editor)
Otero, María Rita (Editor)
Publicación Estados Unidos : Brill Sense, 2020
Descripción Física 572 páginas; rústica; 24 cm.
Idioma Inglés;
ISBN 9789004408548
Materia(s) Enseñanza de las ciencias; Estudio y enseñanza; América Latina; Docencia; Investigación educativa;
Nota(s) CONTENIDO: Preface IX -- List of figures and tables X -- Notes on Contributions XIV -- Part 1: An introduction to Science Education Research in South and Latin America -- 1. Science Education Research in Brazil: Historical aspects, researchers´representations, and the State of the Art / Maria José P.M. de Almeida and Roberto Nardi -- 2. Science Education Research Methods in Latin America over the Last Decade / Ilena María Greca and Flávia Maria Teixeira dos Santos -- 3. Science and Technology in Contemporary Science Education in Brazil / José André Peres Angotti, José de Pinho Alves Filho and Walter Antonio Bazzo -- 4. Science Education Research in South America: Social Cohesion and Cultural Diversity / Adela Molina Andrade. Part 2: Teaching and learning Science – 5. Emotions, feelings, and conceptualizations in the Didactics of Physics / Maria Rita Otero and María de los Angeles Fanaro – 6. Teaching the Foundations of Quantum Mechanics in High School: A Didactic and Cognitive Analysis of a sequence of Situations / Maria de los Angeles Fanaro and María Rita Otero -- Part. 3: Science Teaching and Teacher Education -- 7. Studies of the Production of Innovative Educational Materials through Teacher Education in Brazil / Ana María Pessoa de Carvalho, Deise Miranda Vianna and Lúcia Helena Sasseron – 8. Labwork and Science Teacher Education: An Experience in a Latin American Country / María Maite Andrés – 9. Research on Colombian Science Teacher´s Education: A review / Rómulo Gallego Badillo, Royman Pérez Miranda, Adriana Patricia Gallego Torres y Deisy Baracaldo Guzmán -- Part 4: Discourse Analysis and Argumentation in Science Education – 10. Student Participation in Science Classroom Discourse: Research in Latin America / Antonia Candela – 11. Turning Points in Communicative Approaches to Science Classroom Discourse / Eduardo Fleury Mortimer and Phil Scott...
CONTINUACIÓN: 12. Analyzing Discursive Interactions in the Contexto of Evolution Teaching with a Conceptual Profile of Adaptation / Claudia Sepulveda, Eduardo Fleury Mortimer and Charbel N. El-Hani – 13. Argumentation from Toulomin´s Perspective in Teaching Science / Martha A, Pesa, Stella M. Islas, Silvia del Valle Bravo and Celia Medina – 14. Science Textbooks: A Discursive Perspective / Isabel Martins -- Part 5: The History, Philosophy, and Sociology of Science in Science Teaching – 15. The History, Philosophy, and Sociology of Science in Science Teaching / André Ferrer P. Martins – 16. History, Didactics, and the Transformation of Scientific Content: Epistemological Surveillance and Science Education Commitments / Mauricío Pietrocola, Elio Ricardo and Thaís Forato – 17. Contributions to the Nature of Science: Scientific Investigation as Inquiry, Modeling, and Argumentation / Agustín Adúriz-Bravo – 18. The History of Science and Science Education: Tools for Practice and Research in Schools / Nelio Bizzo – 19. The History and Philosophy of Chemistry in Teaching and in the Professional Development of Teachers: Contributions to the Debate from Science Education Research / Mario Quintanilla Gatica – 20. Contributions to Physics Education from the History and Philosophy of Science / Irene Arriassecq and Verónica Guridi -- Part. 6: Science Education in Non-Formal Settings – 21. Non-Formal in South America: A Preliminary View / Francisco Julián Betancourt Mellizo – 22. Science Education Research in Science and Technology Museums in Brazil / Martha Marandino and Guaracira Gouvea – 23. Reconstructing Our Images of the World: The Fundamental Task of Non-Formal Science-Education / César Carrillo-Trueba.
Resumen This volume of the World of Science Education gathers contributions from Latin American science education researchers covering a variety of topics that will be of interest to educators and researchers all around the world. The volume provides an overview of research in Latin America, and most of the chapters report findings from studies seldom available for Anglophone readers. They bring new perspectives, thus, to topics such as science teaching and learning; discourse analysis and argumentation in science education; history, philosophy and sociology of science in science teaching; and science education in non-formal settings. As the Latin American academic communities devoted to science education have been thriving for the last four decades, the volume brings an opportunity for researchers from other regions to get acquainted with the developments of their educational research. This will bring contributions to scholarly production in science education as well as to teacher education and teaching proposals to be implemented in the classroom.
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