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Título Developing critical thinking for promoting success in the learning process of english as a foreign language [recurso electrónico]Tesis o Trabajo de grado / CD-ROM - Tesis o Trabajo de grado
Parte de Tesis. Univalle. Facultad de Humanidades. Escuela de Ciencias del Lenguaje
Autor(es) Ramos Tello, Ángela María (Autor)
Hernández Gaviria, Fanny (Director de Tesis o Trabajo de Grado)
Publicación Colombia, 2018
Descripción Física 1 CD-ROM: archivo PDF
Idioma Inglés;
Clasificación(es) 428.2
Materia(s) Aprendizaje basado en tareas; Inglés para propósitos académicos;
Nota(s) Tesis (Licenciado en Lenguas Extranjeras Inglés - Francés) – Facultad de Humanidades, Universidad del Valle, Cali, 2018
Títulos Relacionados Titulo alterno: Tesis. Univalle. Facultad de Humanidades. Licenciatura en Lenguas Extranjeras Inglés - Francés [recurso electrónico]
Resumen This project intended to promote successful and meaningful English learning through Critical Thinking in an EFL context. The intervention was carried out at CCCA (Centro Cultural Colombo Americano) in Cali, Colombia with a group of students of intermediate level through a task. The task was implemented with the objective to help students develop awareness about their own learning process, in order to better and increase their performance in the target language. Through different materials and settings students reflected on the topic of learning itself; interpreting, analyzing, explaining, evaluating and drawing conclusions regarding their own work and the work of their peers. The observations analysis showed that students become aware of their performance issues and the ones of their classmates. As a conclusion Critical Thinking fostered students¿ awareness to improve their performance.
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0591433Biblioteca Mario Carvajal - Melendez - CaliMediateca Estudiantes - Biblioteca Mario Carvajal3263 R175En Catalogac.Tesis
0596487Centro Doc. Escuela Ciencias del Lenguaje 3263 R175 e2DisponibleTesis