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Título Accounting, the social and the political: classics, contemporary and beyondLibros / Impreso - Libros
Autor(es) Macintosh, Norman B. (Editor)
Hopper, Trevor (Editor)
Publicación Estados Unidos : Elsevier, 2005
Descripción Física xiv, 402 p. ; pasta dura
Idioma Inglés;
ISBN 9780080447254
Clasificación(es) 657.6
Materia(s) Contabilidad; Contabilidad gubernamental; Contabilidad gerencial; Aspectos sociales; Aspectos politicos; Aspectos politicos y sociales; Gestión de la contabilidad; Responsabilidad Social Empresarial - RSE; Ética empresarial; Ética en los negocios;
Nota(s) CONTENIDO: Classics -- The Roles of Accounting in Organizations and Society -- Designing Semi-Confusing Information Systems for Organizations in Changing Environments -- Towards a Political Economy of Accounting: An Empirical Illustration of the Cambridge Controversies -- The Value of Corporate Accounting Reports: Arguments for a Political Economy of Accounting -- Making Sense of Research into the Organizational and Social Aspects of Management Accounting: A Review of Its Underlying Assumptions -- Radical Developments in Accounting Thought -- Accounting Systems and Systems of AccountabilityUnderstanding Accounting Practices in Their Organizational Context -- The Archaeology of Accounting Systems -- Accounting and the Construction of the Governable Person -- Accounting Systems in Organisational Contexts: A Case for Critical Theory -- Accounting as a Legitimating Institution -- Letting the Chat Out of the Bag: Deconstruction, Privilege and Accounting Research -- Contemporary -- Cost Accounting, Controlling Labour and the Rise of Conglomerates -- From the Union Hall: A Labor Critique of the New Manufacturing and Accounting Regimes -- From Taylorism to Ms Taylor: The Transformation of the Accounting Craft -- Annual Reports in an Ideological Role: A Critical Theory Analysis -- Organizational Change and Accounting: Understanding the Budgeting System in Its Organizational Context -- Management Accounting as Disciplinary Practice: The Case of ITT Under Harold Geneen -- The Relationship Between Accounting and Spatial Practices in the Factory -- Decision-Making in the theater of Consciousness: A Theater Metaphor for Conscious Experience and the Holistic Concept of Man in Understanding the User of Accounting Information -- Accounting in Other Wor(l)ds: A Feminism Without Reserve -- CATS, RATS, and EARS: Making the Case for Ethnographic Accounting Research -- Structuration Theory in Management Accounting -- Theoretical Approaches to Research on Accounting Ethics --
-- The Concept of an Accounting Regime -- When Culture Matters: Processes of Organizational Learning and Transformation -- A Termite Theory of Accounting Information Systems Research -- Beyond -- Homogeneity or Heterogeneity of Research in Management Accounting -- Hyperreal Finance -- Accounting as Simalacrum and Hyperreality: Perspectives on Income and Capital -- A Literacy Theory Perspective on Accounting: Towards Heteroglossic Accounting Reports -- Business Planning as Pedagogy: Language and Control in a Changing Institutional Field -- Changes in the Institutional Environment and the Institutions of Governance: xtending the Contributions of Transaction Cost Economics Within the Management Control Literature -- Ethics and Accountability: From the For-Itself to The For-the-Other -- Accounting for God: Accounting and Accountability Practices in the Society of Jesus (Italy, XVI-XVII Centuries) -- Future Prospects.
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